Association „Life”

Association "Life" was founded in 2010 by two families, Mirosavljevic and Covic, whose children Zoja and Aleksa were suffering from a very rare neurodegenerative and deadly Battens disease. Both Zoya and Alexa lost the battle against this vicious disease.

Since 2010, the Association has been very active in raising awareness about the problems of rare diseases, providing therapy and medical equipment, as well as improving the position in society of both patients with rare diseases and their families.

The greatest achievement of the association is the initiative for the adoption of the Law on Prevention and Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases, Genetically Conditioned Anomalies and Rare Diseases, the so-called Zoya`s law. This law is named after the girl Zoja Mirosavljević, who passed away from Baten`s disease in 2013 at the age of 9.

Zoja`s law had the great support of the citizens, the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, the media and the public. Zoja`s law was unanimously adopted on January 23 2015, in the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

Association „Life” Zoja