Citizens Association for Rare Diseases „Life with challengdes"

The Association of Citizens for Rare Diseases Life with challenges" was founded in 2009 and for eleven years the association has been advocating for the rights of patients with rare diseases and a better health care system. We stay in touch with all patients and families who need help and together with them we will look for solutions to all the challenges that will come to us in a better future.


Our vision is to achieve the best possible quality of life for patients and families facing rare diseases, through the best health and social services.


Our mission is to develop solutions and policies through the implementation of activities to improve the quality of life of patients and families facing life with a rare disease. THE PURPOSE OF LIVING WITH CHALLENGES IS TO HELP AND SUPPORT patients and families with rare diseases.

The association currently has over 500 members (people with rare diseases and members of their families) who have over 100 different rare diagnoses.

The helpline and free psychological counseling offered by the association are available for all patients and families with rare diseases, regardless of whether they are members of LIFE WITH CHALLENGES. Annually, the helpline has over 300 users.

We thank everyone who participated in translating the information in the database of rare diseases: Goce Kalčev, Maja Tankoska, Hristina Stojmirova, Vesna Aleksovska, Dejan Jakimovski.




Telefon: +38970705446

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Citizens Association for Rare Diseases „Life with challengdes"